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P0rn Should be Banned

"P0rn Should be Banned"

Join, and support us (!), at the UCL debate "This House Would Ban Pornography". 90% plus of porn shows women being abused. Much of the rest is worse, much worse. Just researching material for this debate has been harrowing. So please support us, Vote 'No' to porn. After all, how can it ever be 'Times Up' for sexual assault when the majority of men are now watching sexual assault?

Mon 7 pm Jan 29 UCL full details here

We are thrilled to be teaming up with Dr Heather Brunskill-Evans, an authority on pornography. Check out her book here

Volunteers Needed!

Concerned by the porn and sex trade and their normalising? Then help us! Come to a protest, help with research, help with social media, help design fliers and posters, come film our protests and debates (you just need a steady hand and an iPhone!).

Fight the huge negativity of our culture with fun, positive, like-minded folk and get an all-round 'warm fuzzy feeling'. Because together we really can make change happen.

Like to get involved? Drop us a line here

Looking back..

Times Up .. for Sexual Assault?

It was great to be part of the Times Up rally on Sun 21st Jan with 1,000s of others and dozens of amazing speakers.

See the amazing placards, read some of the extensive press coverage

And come to more rallies in March! Watch This Space

Times Up .. for Criminalising Victims?

It was great to join the amazing women, their lawyers, Nia Project, Centre for Women's Justice and dozens of other supporters at the Royal Courts of Justice calling for an end to having to disclose 'being a common prostitute' as a criminal record for women (and men) who have escaped the horrors of prostitution.

We should know shortly what the Court decides.

Interestingly not a single pro-sex industry, pro 'sex worker' advocate group appeared to be there.

See just some of the extensive news coverage here

Centre for Women's Justice is now asking for donations to challenge the release of John Worboys. Support them here

.. But Always Time for Laughter

And a huge thank you to Maureen Younger, of MY Comedy, for a wonderful (much needed) night of laughs earlier in the month. Check out Maureen's blog on 'Times Up' here and check out her monthly all-female comedy shows in London and Birmingham here

Dec 3rd Evening Standard Protest


Join us (and the paparazzi!) at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards and ask its editor, George Osborn, to scrap the Sex Ads from the ES.

After all, if the ES is making money from advertising sex chat & prostitution where exactly has the money come from to pay for 'Best Actress' Award!

More Info : Sun 3 Dec 7pm  Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London

Anti Porn Conference

hardcoreWe're thrilled to be talking at this great conference on 'pornogander' and how to challenge it, with wonderful speakers including the legendary Sheila Jeffries.

So if you're in Gloucester and concerned by porn, please join us and some fabulous speakers.

More Info:  Sat 9 Dec 10.30- 16.30   Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester.
Details: Here
Hosted by:  Critical Sisters

Reclaim the Night

reclaim the nightJoin us at the annual Reclaim the Night March where women march to take a stand against male violence.

Harvey Weinstein triggered an explosion of revelations exposing the sheer scale of just how many Harvey Weinsteins are out there. A timely reminder that we are still too far from a world where any woman or girl is even safe, let alone equal.

More Info
Sat 25 Nov 6pm Assemble Whitehall place (women only)

Followed by mixed Rally at Camden Centre
Details and Map Here


TUC Says NO to Pimps!

The TUC has voted resoundingly against a motion to decriminalise pimps and punters.

The motion was brought by train driver's union Aslef (95% male members), backed by the GMB, who had already been lobbied hard by the sex industry. Clearly getting the TUC to support the legitimising of the sex trade is a key goal of the industry.

This is despite the fact that the TUC's own Women's Conference support the diametrically opposite stance and call for the criminalising of pimps and punters as the only way to end the sex trade and all the abuse associated with it.

Congrats and thanks to all (including Nordic Model Now! who were busy talking and flyering ASLEF and TUC delegates).

Read All About It!

Nordic Model Now! exposes the flaws in the motion and misrepresentations at the TUC Congress fringe meeting

Harriet Harman on why she opposed it

Kat Banyard, a leading authority on laws around prostitution


read more..

BMA says NO to Pimps

We are thrilled that the BMA voted last week not to legitimise pimps and punters, rejecting a motion by Junior Doctors to 'fully decriminalise' the sex industry (which means decriminalising pimps, brothel keepers and punters as well as prostitutes).

read more..