TUC Says NO to Pimps!

The TUC has voted resoundingly against a motion to decriminalise pimps and punters.

The motion was brought by train driver's union Aslef (95% male members), backed by the GMB, who had already been lobbied hard by the sex industry. Clearly getting the TUC to support the legitimising of the sex trade is a key goal of the industry.

This is despite the fact that the TUC's own Women's Conference support the diametrically opposite stance and call for the criminalising of pimps and punters as the only way to end the sex trade and all the abuse associated with it.

Congrats and thanks to all (including Nordic Model Now! who were busy talking and flyering ASLEF and TUC delegates).

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Nordic Model Now! exposes the flaws in the motion and misrepresentations at the TUC Congress fringe meeting

Harriet Harman on why she opposed it

Kat Banyard, a leading authority on laws around prostitution


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ASA to End Gender Stereotyping

Yay! The ASA's report on Sexual Stereotyping is just released and it shows real understanding of the harm of gender stereotyping and a move to end this in advertising. 

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BMA says NO to Pimps

We are thrilled that the BMA voted last week not to legitimise pimps and punters, rejecting a motion by Junior Doctors to 'fully decriminalise' the sex industry (which means decriminalising pimps, brothel keepers and punters as well as prostitutes).

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Strip Joint Licensing is Anti-Equalities

 It's official: Strip Joints are Anti-Equality not a 'Moral Issue' thanks to a landmark case against Sheffield City Council and their licensing of notorious strip chain, Spearmint Rhino.

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Government to Age Restrict Internet Porn

Soon porn will no longer be 'for kids of all ages'.

Despite fierce lobbying from supporters of porn and 'extreme' liberalism the Government will finally age-restrict internet porn. Why? Perhaps because:

90% Porn shows Violence vs Women

10% 12/13 Year Olds Addicted to Porn


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Tweet: . @LibDems I just can't join the #LibDemFightback with your pro-porn, pro-prostitution policies

The Lib Dems endorsed these policies at 2017 Conference:

No to Protecting Kids from Hard Core Porn..

Yes to Porn Violence Against Women..

Sex Industry Policies written by the Sex Industry ..

Tell the Lib Dems 'Porn NO' Here

Find out more Here

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Tell The Sport to Shove Off!

The weekend sport campaigh

Nearly every page of the of THE SPORT is porn and sex ads and 'Page 3' pics. We think it is time to STOP selling this as a Newspaper and step up the pressure about the media's portrayal of women.

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Tell Mumsnet 'Take On The Sport'

Mumsnet logo

Tell Mumsnet what you think of The Sport 'newspaper' and they might get behind the campaign!

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Latest News

International Conference - Come Join Us

Filia logoJoin us at Feminism in London, one of the UKs largest International Conferences on Women's Rights, with speakers like Bianca Jagger and Shami Chakrabati!

Come and find out how you can challenge strip clubs at 'La La Land' (Sat AM) - with prominent campaigners from across the UK, including Not Buying It

And come see us at our stall!

Feminism in London, spread over 2 days, with some 1,000 delegates has speakers from across the globe, from academics to activists talking about every issue you can imagine (and some you possibly can't)

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Mayor’s Vision for a Safe, Healthy City?

The Mayor has recently consulted on his strategy for a Diverse, Inclusive, Safe & Healthy City - with not a mention of the Sex Trade to be found.

Read our response where we ask:

  • Why is there no mention of London’s prolific, deeply damaging sex trade, from massage parlours to strip clubs?
  • Why a commitment to tackle the demand for prostitution by pervious Mayor, Boris Johnson, has been written out of Policing Strategies?
  • And why does TfL allow the Metro and ES, distributed all over the London transport network, to advertise the sex industry?

Read All About It!

Read our response HERE

We are thrilled to have Nordic Model Now! and Filia as signatories

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Protest at Porn Awards

It was great to join protesters outside the 'Adult Industry' (aka porn) Awards on Tues night at Leicester Square. A surprising number of people, including many men, came up to us to find out what was going on and where genuinely supportive of our concerns.

The fact that the awards had categories like 'MILF' and 'GILF' of The Year rather helped make the case for us (i.e. 'Mother I'd Like to F***' and 'Grandmother I'd Like to F***')

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ASA Confused

The ASA has tightened up codes to stop the sexualisation of children under 18. A welcome move.

But their refusal to kick porn and sex ads out of newspapers highlights some very confused thinking. Apparently it is not an issue of child protection to expose underage children in the most mainstream manner possible to sexualised messages about young women (often barely over 18) or totally inappropriate industries, like prostitution!

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Caroline Lucas backs Campaign v The Sport

We're thrilled that the awesome Caroline Lucas backs the campaign (seen here in action for the equally awesome No More Page 3) !

We're thrilled that the awesome Caroline Lucas backs the campaign (seen here in action for the equally awesome No More Page 3) !

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