About Us

#About Us

Not Buying It was set up in 2016 by a group of people concerned by the porn and sex trade and their normalising by the mass media. We are women and men, mums and dads, campaigners & journalists, educationalists & mental health professionals. And you?


#Newspaper Sex Ads 


We have been asking the ASA to stop ads for prostitution in our Great British Press. 50% of children read newspapers. What's more, The ASA is a Public Body with a legal duty to promote gender equality!

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#The Sport 

Mps ask why porn

We've sent a copy of The Sport to every MP asking why porn was being sold as a Newspaper and asking them to simply ensure existing 'retail codes' were ammended to get it off the bottom shelf.

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#Strip Clubs

Local Councils Strip Clubs

A landmark case in May 2017 exposed how Local Councils might be breaking the law by granting strip club licenses without properly considering the impact on women's equality and safety. You can use this to challenge your local council too! 

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