If you see an ad that is sexist drop the ASA a line

Using women's bodies to sell stuff.
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Sexist Stereotypes - Have Your Say!

The ASA is consulting now on Stereotyping in Advertising.

  • Sick of Sexist Ads?
  • Let's end the Porn/Sex Ads in Newspapers (that the ASA currently allow)
  • Or ads like 'Best Boobs' Competitions in the Sun (that the ASA thought 'wasn't overtly sexual')

All previous ASA studies has shown that the sexualising of women in ads is one of the most complained about category of advertising (second only to the sexualisation of children).

Seen A Sexist Ad?

If you see an ad that is sexist drop the ASA a line here

The decision making is extremely inconsistent with codes are heavily based on 'offence' (which at the same time state that it is perfectly acceptable to offend), but it is always worth a try.

Other Avenues

Sometimes there are other ways to make change happen. For instance, Jez saw ads for escorts in the men's toilet of his local pub. He told the pub that immediately removed them from all their chains. He complained to the advertising hoarder, which pulled all the ads across the UK!

So if you have no success with the ASA, try contacting the organisation or businesses that displayed the ads. Try also contacting the billboard hoarder.

And always tell us about it!

What Else You Can Do

Tell us what you are up to - successes and failures - here: no@notbuyingit.org.uk

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