Sexist Ads - Have Your Say!

The ASA is consulting now on Sexism in Advertising. They might even change their policy if the public feel they aren't getting it right!

Read more about the ASA consultation here

All previous ASA studies has shown that the sexualising of women in ads is one of the most complained about category of advertising (second only to the sexualisation of children).


Porn & Sex Ads .. in Newspapers*%*£!!??


Many local and national newspapers still carry ads for the porn and sex trade. This is despite:

  • Efforts by the police to get them to drop such ads because of the link with trafficking
  • Their breaching numerous ASA Codes
  • Their breaching Transport for London codes
    (Metro & ES being widely distributed across London's transport network)
  • Their posing an issue of child protection 
    (and even  providing exactly the kind of material used to 'groom' children with, in the most mainstream manner imaginable)


Breaching ASA Codes

Because of our lobbying, the ASA is at this very moment considering whether to stop all newspapers from carrying any ads for the porn and sex industry in a special 'class action' approach.


All Ads wherever they appear must not harm or offend



Thanks to years of work by women's groups, the ASA has surprisingly reasonable, harm-based codes. Porn and sex ads in newspapers violate almost every single one of these codes.

Check Out ASA Codes Here


Links with Trafficking


It shouldn't have to take years of campaigns to get some newspapers to finally behave!



In 2010, in an initiative spearheaded by women's group EAVES, the Metropolitan Police wrote to every newspaper publisher in the UK urging them to remove sex ads because of their links with sex trafficking. This was backed by newspaper advisory body, The Press Association.

A number of newspaper groups (like the Guardian) now no longer carry porn & sex ads. However, many still do - like The Sport, the Metro & Evening Standard (found all over London's transport network) and many others.


Child Protection
We have a Watershed for TV - it's gotta be the same principle everywhere!



Porn & sex ads in newspapers are surely an issue of child protection. And this is supported, at least in spirit, by The Serious Crime Act 'Communicating Sexual Material to a Child'.

It also makes a mockery of all Government efforts to try and reduce children's saturation with the porn and sex trade. Like its 'opt in' scheme for internet porn (which means that porn is now longer automatically available from your ISP, you have to 'opt in' for it) and its current plans to make all internet porn age-restricted.

Check Out The Serious Crime Act Here


What are We Doing?

Ads for porn and sex chat lines have no business in a newspaper



We've contacted the ASA who are now considering whether to take action against all porn & sex ads in all newspapers!

Read more about it

We're also in discussion with Transport for London (TfL), urging them to call on the Metro and ES to stop carrying such ads as a breach of TfL codes


What You Can Do

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