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Media Festival

Media Festival

Sat 17th March London

We're thrilled to be speaking at this major conference on media reform with incredible speakers from Stop Funding Hate, Hacked Off and many others. And it's free!

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Legal Challenge to say ..

A huge thank you to over 100 generous supporters! Thanks to you, we are less than £200 off the £5K needed to take the first step in a legal challenge against Councils placing no limit on Strip Clubs.

If we don't reach our £5K target we don't keep any of the money! So, if you can, chip in for those last few £s

It's been great to have had the campaign featured in the Sheffield Star, Psychologies Blog and Medium with major press also interested.

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It's been almost too busy this year already! Here's a quick update on some of what we have been up to:

Porn & Harassment

We helped put together a submission to the Women's and Equalities Committee's enquiry into Sexual Harassment which speficially asked for evidence of the impact of porn. Check it out here

Porn & Sexual Violence

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Sexual Violence also consulted specifically on porn and sexual violence. Check out our response Here

The APPG are holding an open session on this on April 17th Details here

POW Festival

And we talked on Porn and on Gender Stereotyping at the POW (Power Of Women) Festival in Kent

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Help Raise £5K to Say 'Times Up For Strip Clubs'

Help Raise £5K to Say

Help us raise £5K to initiate a landmark legal case against Councils placing no limit on Strip Club numbers.

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Just £5,000 means we will get a High Court Ruling on whether we have legal grounds to challenge Sheffield City Council for breaching Equality Law when it decided there should be no limits on strip clubs. This would send a very powerful message across the UK to all Councils and the entire Strip Industry.

Please chip in whatever you can and spread the word.

We are running this campaign with Irene, a Grandma, life long feminist and proud Sheffielder who refuses to be cowed by her councils decision to 'OK' the sexual objectification of our girls.

Irene has already taken one successful court case against Sheffield City Council when it granted a strip club license without properly considering the impact on women's safety and equality. She is now having to do it all over again but this time over her Council's entire lap dancing policy!

Read all about it on the Fund Raising Page HERE

Please support Not Buying It and Irene. Because it will never be Times Up for sexual harassment in a society that says men can buy women as sexual entertainment.

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Hospital Shops withdraw The Sport

NHS logo

Supporter, Cheryl, contacted us upset that the shop in the hospital where she worked was selling The Sport.

The Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) runs most hospital shops in the UK.

We contacted RVS and they called back within the hour, saying they would withdraw it from sale immediately.

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BMA says NO to Pimps

We are thrilled that the BMA voted last week not to legitimise pimps and punters, rejecting a motion by Junior Doctors to 'fully decriminalise' the sex industry (which means decriminalising pimps, brothel keepers and punters as well as prostitutes).

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