Hospital Shops withdraw The Sport

not buying it

Hospital Shops - The Sport is Out!

Supporter, Cheryl, contacted us upset that the shop in the hospital where she worked was selling The Sport.

The Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) runs most hospital shops in the UK.

We contacted RVS and they called back within the hour, saying they would withdraw it from sale immediately.

RVS has had a no-sell policy on lad's mags and The Sport since 2013. But if you see either of these at a Hospital Shop, drop us a line drop us a line or contact RVS (they are very sympathetic).

But we don't think The Sport should be in any shop. Do you?

Sign the petition here:



YOU Can Change Things!

'I've been challenging sexist ads and porny products for years. Sometimes getting whole product lines withdrawn' Audrey


One person CAN make a difference. If you've seen something that just shouldn't be, contact us and let's challenge it.



Taking It to Parliament

In a few weeks time we'll be launching the campaign proper.

Yep we haven't even started yet!

We'll be sending every MP a copy of The Sport asking why is this still sold as a Newspaper.

The more signatures we have on the petition, the better.

Please sign & please spread the word:



PO Box 422 N10 iHU london GB