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Porn Protest

Join us This Thursday to protest against yet another Porn Awards Ceremony.

This time it's the 'Paul Raymond' Awards (Raymond was yet another billionaire pornographer and the UK's first strip club operator).

And it's hosted by the delightful Dapper Laughs (you remember the 'comedian' who was pulled from TV because of his rape jokes, songs like 'Proper Moist' and his 'dating advice' that incited sexual harassment. He even managed to demean the homeless on the way).

And who said porn was sexist!

When and Where

Thurs 9 Nov 7pm

Leicester Square

opposite Burger King

(You'll easily spot the banners!)

Reclaim the Night

Why not also join us at the annual Reclaim the Night March where women march to take a stand against male violence.

Harvey Weinstein triggered an explosion of revelations exposing the sheer scale of just how many Harvey Weinstein there are out there. A timely reminder that we are still too far from a world where any woman or girl is even safe, let alone equal.

More Info

Sat 25 Nov

6pm Assemble Whitehall place (women only)

Followed by mixed Rally at Camden Centre

Details and Map Here

Anti Porn Conference

We're thrilled to also be talking at this great conference on 'pornogander' and how to challenge it, with wonderful speakers including the legendary Sheila Jeffries.

So if you're in Gloucester and concerned by porn, please join us and some fabulous speakers.

More Info

Sat 9 Dec 10.30- 16.30

Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester

Details: Here

Hosted by: Critical Sisters

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