ASA - the Authority on Sexist Advertising?





The ASA Council has refused to even investigate the appropriateness of ads for sex chat and prostitution in newspapers like the Evening Standard because 'the newspaper is not targetted at children or likely to appeal to them'.

BUT 40% of 8-11 year olds read newspapers (48% of older kids)!

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What Next?

VOTE HERE: Should Newspapers Advertise the Porn & Sex Trade?

We are appealing this decision on the grounds of a 'substantial flaw in the process'. See our appeal and original complaint here

Help us by joining the 150 people plus who have voted on whether newspapers should peddle the porn and sex industry vote here


Sex Ads off Sport Cover

The ASA recently ruled that The Sport cannot carry porn and sex ads on its covers - as then (and apparently only then) 'children might see them'. Inadequate as this ruling is, The Sport does now appear to have removed such advertising from its cover.


Hospitals Kick out The Sport

Yet another supporter contacted us shocked that his local hospital shop stocked The Sport. He wrote to them and they removed it from all shops in their Trust (Imperial College which oversees 3 hospitals) within days, no questions asked. 

If you see The Sport in a hospital shop, just drop the hospital a quick email and ask them to remove it from all shops in their Trust.

'Amigo' shops seem to be the main culprit .. no friend of ours!



Strip Joint Near You?

We are thrilled to be working with Zero Option to challenge Councils' granting licenses to strip joints often without any consideration of the impact.

We are looking for testimonies of individuals effected by lap dancing clubs.

  • Do you live or work or often walk by a local lap dancing club?
  • Have you experienced harassment, abuse or felt intimidated or threatened?

Contact us with your concerns here



Researcher Needed

Got a few hours you could volunteer?

We need someone to take on some internet research - easy but interesting & a huge help.

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