ASA to End Gender Stereotyping in Ads

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ASA to End Gender Stereotyping

Yay! The ASA's report on Sexual Stereotyping is just released and it shows real understanding of the harm of gender stereotyping and a move to end this in advertising. This includes constantly showing women as 'house keeper' or men as the incompetent parents; girls and boys in traditional 'pretty in pink' or 'engineer and action' roles and so on.

But the ASA really missed a trick. The remit of their report was to look at stereotyping/sexualisation/objectification and socially irresponsible & harmful advertising.

Surely the very worst of this are the porn and sex ads still found in public spaces, like our newspapers. As we've been banging on about for the last year! But this was not even considered in their report.

  • Read the ASA Report HERE

We are even in it! Check out page 48, reference 170

  • Read our Response to the ASA Consultation on the Report HERE

We Took Over the Air Waves!

We were flooded with interview requests and rather took over the airways when the ASA report was released on Tuesday!

We appeared on SKY NEWS, BBC DRIVE, RADIO 5 LIVE & BBC BERKSHIRE alongside an excellent piece with journalist Laurie Penny on BBC NEWS.

Unfortunately most of these links are not now available (we will make sure we download the live feeds next time!)

But you can see us on BBC Five Live where we talked about the campaign (whilst trying not to be side tracked by how to redesign Asda's 'ads for mums')

What About Newspaper Sex Ads?

The ASA (like all media regulators) is a Public Body, legally bound to 'promote equality and good relations' between women and men. We have been explaining to them for the last year that not even investigating complaints about porn and sex ads in public spaces is totally incompatible with this - in fact they could even be challenged in court over it!

The ASA is now looking at how it can be sure it is fulfilling it's Gender Equality Duties

Watch This Space!

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