ASA says 'OK' to P0rn Ads in Newspapers


ASA 'OKs' Porn Ads in Newspapers


The ASA has just ruled that it is 'Socially Resonsible' for Newspapers to advertise pornography and prostitution.


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6 months ago we made a formal complaint to the ASA asking them to rule if it was 'socially responsible marketing' for newspapers to carry ads for prostitution and pornography. They have just ruled that it is 'as long as ads are not on the back cover as then children may see them'.

Our complaint was made about The Sport newspaper (whose entire contents is porn and sex ads). However the ASA ruling applies to ALL NEWSPAPERS.    

What We Are Doing

Caroline Lucas

  • We have asked the ASA to make a new ruling about real newspapers, not the pornographic Sport 'newspaper'. 
  • We have met with the ASA's new Gender Project Team 
  • At the bequest of the ASA, we have submitted recommendations to improve their codes and their rulings. Read them Here


Find out more and 'read all about it!' on our campaign page here