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.. Sexist Ads

The ASA is reviewing sexism in advertising .. depending on feedback they may even improve their codes!

Tell the ASA you don't want to see porn & sex ads in newspapers & tell them about any other concerns you have over sexist ads

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.. Internet Abuse

Yvette Cooper has launched a cross-party campaign to Reclaim The Internet from social media abuse. And she wants to hear from you

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.. School Sexism

The Women's & Equality Committee has also launched its investigation into sexual harassment and bullying in schools. This is after reports from the NSPCC and others that a staggering 1/3 of school girls experience sexual abuse, including groping and even rape (600 reported incidencies) at school


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MP Meetings

We are in meetings with close to a dozen MPs at the moment about the continued sale of The Sport as a newspaper. This includes the Shadow Women's Minister team and the Women & Equalities Select Committee! 

Many have told us that they have been contacted by their consitutents - you! 

 Thank you

The Sunday Sport is a pornographic publication .. It should not be classified as a newspaper 

Ruth Cadbury, Women & Equalities Select Committee

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