Shocking Lib Dem Policies

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Shocking Lib Dem Policies

As you know we are non-political but we have been so shocked by Lib Dem policies on the issues we challenge that we feel we have to share them with you because:

  • They vehemently oppose any attempt to safeguard Children from Porn
  • They oppose any effort to reduce the Abusiveness of Porn
  • Their policies on the Sex Trade are the policies pushed by Pimps
  • They include positioning Pimps as 'Business Men'
  • And even redefine Sex Trafficking as Consensual

These elections give you a chance to ask your local candidates about them and urge the party to change them.

You can find out more about their policies and why they have arrived at them here

And if you are as concerned as we are by them, you could tweet the Lib Dems here