SUCCESS! Ann Summers DUMPS Pornhub

not buying it


You Did It! Ann Summers has dumped its partnership with Pornhub - the world's largest supplier of abuse porn, including millions of videos depicting incest, child abuse and torture.

Recent press coverage confirms this break up, as do visits to several shops, with not a Pornhub branded product to be seen. Sadly, Ann Summers and its leadership team have failed to respond to any of our (very polite) enquiries.

A huge thank you and well done to over 2,000 people who signed the petition, everyone who spread the word and protested (often in the rain!) outside stores.

Help Challenge This!

As you know, we've been helping Sheffield Gran, Irene, initiate court proceedings against her council for putting no limit on strip clubs. A decision here has repercussions UK wide - especially as the council now has a barrister who represents strip clubs across the country on their side!

But these are some of the outrageous arguments being put forward by the Council. They are also claiming outrageous costs that Irene will be liable for if the judge at this first stage of proceedings does not give her permission to take the case further to Judicial Review.

The judge is looking at the case very soon. We hope he will be as outraged as us and give Irene permission to go ahead with this important legal challenge. If so, we will be coming back to you then with ideas on how to help us win (and yes fundraiser further .. groan)!

We've done brilliantly well so far but if the judge doesn't give Irene permission to go ahead, she could be liable for £1,000s in costs. We’ve got most of it covered thanks to all your amazing support but we want to make absolutely sure there's enough in the pot for this first stage.

If everyone reading this gave £1 we’d make our 'stretch' target of £7,500. So pretty please donate if you can.