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ASA 'OKs'  Sex Ads in The Sport Newspaper


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In early 2016, we made a formal complaint to the ASA and asked them to decide if it was 'socially responsible marketing' for The Sport sold as a newspaper to carry ads for prostitution and pornography. It took them 6 months and a special Round Table meeting to decide that it was 'as long as the ads are not on the back cover as then (and apparently only then) children may see them'.

The entire content of The Sport newspaper is porn and sex ads alongside pornographic images of naked teenage girls. But the ASA was going to apply this ruling to ALL NEWSPAPERS.

However, the ASA has agreed to make a fresh ruling on porn and sex ads in genuine newspapers so we have lodged a compaint about the Evening Standard's sex industry ads and, 6 weeks on (!), we await their response.



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What We Are Doing

  • We have got the ASA to make a new ruling about real newspapers, not the pornographic Sport 'newspaper'. Read it Here

  • We have met with the ASA's new Gender Project Team 

  • At the bequest of the ASA, we have submitted recommendations to improve their codes and their rulings. Read it Here



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