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ASA Refuses to Investigate Sex Ads in Newspapers


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In early 2016, we made a formal complaint to the ASA and asked them to decide if it was 'socially responsible' for The Sport, sold on the bottom shelf as a newspaper, to carry ads for prostitution and pornography. It took them 6 months and a special Round Table meeting to decide that this was responsible marketing 'just so long as the ads are not on the back cover as then (and apparently only then) children may see them'.

The entire contents of The Sport newspaper is porn and sex ads alongside pornographic images of naked teenage girls.

Inititally, the ASA was going to apply this ruling to ALL NEWSPAPERS. However, it then agreed that this was not appropriate and allowed us to lodge a fresh compaint about ads for 'Sex Chat' and even Prostitution in the Evening Standard.  2 months later, the ASA told us that they refused to even investigate these ads (which, coincidentally, means they don't then have to publicise a ruling!). We took this to Independent Appeal (or should that be 'independent' appeal) but, perhaps not surprisingly, lost.

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You can read all the twists and turns HERE

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Latest News!

In early 2017, the ASA said it will:

  • Tighten up on Sexualised Images of Children under 18 and
  • Tighten up on 'Gender Stereotyping' in advertising

It has also conceeded that it is a Public Body, legally required to promote 'good relations' between women and men. It is now also reviewing how it can better meet its Public Body requirements!


We, of course, have already told them exactly how - by writing in new codes to end the promotion of the most harmful industries on the planet (the porn and sex trade) at least in non-age restricted public spaces, like our newspapers.

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'Ads likely to be seen by children must not be harmful'

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