Porn & Sex Ads .. in Newspapers*%*£!!??

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The ASA, Advertising Standards Authority, regulates ads in the UK. We have been lobbying it for years to stop ads for the porn and sex trade in newspapers. Now the Equality and Human Rights Commission has taken up the baton and is in discussions with the ASA.

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Porn & Sex Ads .. in Newspapers*%*£!!??

Many local and national newspapers still carry ads for the porn and sex trade. This is despite:

What We've Done

We have been lobbying the ASA since early 2016 to end porn and sex ads in newspapers as anti-equalities (normalising and promoting demand for highly abusive industies) and anti-child protection (50% of kids read papers).

The ASA has consistently refused to end such advertising. It does not even have codes on how porn and prostitution should be advertised in print or on line - even though it has extensive regulations on how the porn and sex trade may, or often may not, be advertised on TV and radio.

In ea​rly 2017, the ASA said it will:

  • End Sexualised Images of Children un​der 18 and 
  • End 'Gender Stereotyping' in advertising

It has also conceded that it is a Public Body, legally required to seek to eliminate harassment, discrimination and victimisation of women in all its policies and decisions. This is the very definition of the porn and sex trade. In 2018 it is reviewing how it can better meet its Public Body requirements.

We, of course, have already told it exactly how - by writing in new codes to end the promotion of the most harmful industries on the planet (the porn and sex trade) at least in non-age restricted public spaces, like our newspapers.

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