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Using women's bodies to sell stuff.
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#Pretty Sexist Thing
#Pretty Sexist Thing  # Pretty Sexist Thing We've landed a meeting with London Transport chiefs, because of ads on the tube like[...]
Lib Dem Protest
Lib Dem Protest Lib Dem Protest Our protest against Lib Dem pro-prostitution, pro-porn policies caused quite a stir. We took[...]
15 Sep: Lib Dem Protest
15 Sep: Lib Dem Protest 15 Sep: Lib Dem Protest The Lib Dems have adopted truly shocking policies to turn[...]
Sheffield Council ‘Shame on You’
Sheffield Council 'Sha​​​​me on You'Sheffield Council 'Shame on You' Sheffield City Council has yet again relicensed its notorious Spearmint Rhino Strip[...]
SUCCESS IN HIGH COURT!WHOOPSOMG! How embarrassing. We are so sorry. This newsletter should have been sent 3 weeks ago but[...]
See You in Court!
See You in Court Thursday - See You in Court It's finally here .. It's this Thursday .. It's at  Leeds High Court! Sheffield's[...]
SUCCESS! Min Target Reached 
Success! Min Target Reached SUCCESS! Min Target Reached  YAY! We reached our £10,000 minimum target to take a legal case vs[...]
We’re Meeting the Home Office
We're Meeting the Home Office!  We're Meeting the Home Office!We are thrilled to have been asked by campaigner and local heroine Sammy Woodhouse[...]
SUCCESS! No to Private Booths
Success! No to Private BoothsSuccess! No to Private BoothsCouncils do have the right to ban private booths! Camden Council has[...]