It's what you get when a pornographer runs a newspaper!

Using women's bodies to sell stuff.
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The Sport

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What Is The Sport?

It's what you get when a pornographer runs a newspaper!


It's not a newspaper it's a screw paper


​THIS is 'Freedom of the Press? BS!!


The Sport is full of ads for the porn and sex industry and 'glamour shots' (young women in G-Strings in pornographic poses). And yet it is sold on the bottom shelf as a newspaper.

So What?

10% of Pre-Teens Addicted to Pornography

10% of 12/13 year olds believe they are addicted to pornography: NSPCC Report


Any child can look at a newspaper which basically means we are ‘selling’ the porn and sex industry to our kids. How is that right? 

​90% of porn shows violence against women

Academic Study shows that 90% of porn shows violence against women: details here

Researchers carried out a blow-by-blow analyses (literally) of the 50 top selling porn videos in the USA. This isn't niche porn, this is mainstream pornography. They found that nearly 88% of scenes showed aggression being carried out against women, including hitting, choking, gagging. This actually represents a significant under-estimate of the level of violence, since one woman being hit numerous times by several men in one scene was only scored as one act of violence. Further, the level of violence now seen in mainstream porn will have increased significantly since 2010, when this study was carried out.

Academic Study

The porn and sex industries are hugely damaging for the women in them and sends out terrible messages about 'what women are for' and 'what it means to be a man'. Why are we making this 'OK' and 'normal' by pushing them in a newspaper? 

​​I had bulimia for 5 years .. A lot of the girls had eating disorders

Debbie, former Sun model

​​​They all have tremendous insecurity complexes underneath

Beverley Goodway, Page 3 photographer

Men think you are a slag ..a slapper .. prostitute

Quotes from former Page 3 models and Sun photographer of 20 years, Beverly Goodway: From 'The Curse of Page 3' Channel 5

Deborah, former Sun model

Even ‘Page 3’ isn't the 'harmless fun' we're constantly told it is. It's harmful to the women in it and to attitudes about women.

Page 3 has probably had its day


Plus ‘Page 3’ is so yesterday. Even the Sun has got rid of it! And the ‘glamour’ shots in The Sport are far more pornographic than anything in the Sun and have even less to do with news.

What are We Doing?

​Stop Selling Porn to Our Kids!!


  • We are asking retail regulators to issue guidelines for The Sport to be sold higher up the shelf (as they did previously for 'lads mags')
  • We are asking the ASA to investigate the presence of porn/sex ads in newspapers (which contravene almost every one of their codes)
  • We are lobbying MPs to make sure The Sport stops being sold as a newspaper and to address the wider objectification by the Great British Press

The Names Behind The Sport

​​Just Look how our Society Rewards Pornographers


The Sport .. & the BBC

Tony Livesey was editor-in-chief of The Sport for 2 decades. During this time he turned it from an ‘Elvis on the Moon’ spoof paper to a 'screw paper' - notice board for the porn and sex industry. After leaving The Sport he was head-hunted by the BBC and now presents Radio 5 Live.

The Sport .. & Sport

What have The Sport and West Ham FC got in common? They are both owned by the same man, pornographer David Sullivan. Sullivan made his millions as one of the largest pornographers in the UK. His girlfriend, Mary Millington, starred in his movies - until she committed suicide. His football club now uses the Olympic Stadium - built with tax payers' money.