13 Dec: P0rn Protest

not buying it

13 Dec: P0rn Protest

Join us to protest against p0rn at the Paul Raymond p0rnographer party. Bring yer banners!


13 Dec Thurs London

6.30 – 8 pm: 13 Coventry St (off Leicester Sq)

6 – 6.30 pm pre-meet: O’Neil’s, Wardour St (off Leicester Sq)

Any probs on the day contact us at: [email protected]

Randy’s has Burgered Off

A few weeks ago, Sheffield protestors took a stand against Randy’s Hardcore Burgers featuring ‘Fake Taxi’ and ‘Casting Couch’ Happy Meals. Well, it’s turned into quite a saga ..

Turns out the brains behind the likes of the ‘Weinstein’ burger has forgotten to pay his rent and the whole operation in Sheffield is about to shut weeks after its grand opening.

But there is a Randy’s in Manchester, .. anyone fancy a spot of protesting ..?

TY Red Deer

After hearing about Randy’s, the Red Deer pub in Sheffield created the Tarana burger named after the founder of the Me Too movement (Tarana Burke) with profits from sales going to a local rape support centre. TY Red Deer!

TY Spoofers

‘Burgers for Incels’ anyone? And someone with actual brains created this fab spoof of Randy’s – to really bring home the messages behind the names.

Council Steps In

And in a final plot twist, a Sheffield City Council threatened to step in to ban these burgers for “propagating a toxic culture which objectifies women”. Apparently licensing and re-licensing a strip club year on year doesn’t do that at all.

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