15 Sep: Lib Dem Protest

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15 Sep: Lib Dem Protest

The Lib Dems have adopted truly shocking policies to turn pimps into business men and make sex trafficking consensual. That is why we are protesting outside their party conference.

Join Us

If you fancy a spot of fun, friendly awareness raising. Join us any time:

9am – 6pm

Sat 15th Sep

Brighton Centre King’s Rd Brighton BN1 2GR

Thanks to a generous donation, we can even help with travel costs. Please contact us if you’d like support or contact us any time for more info or on the day at [email protected]

Can’t join us? No problem, why not tweet the Lib Dems with this pre-filled tweet:

Tweet Here

WEP To Challenge Strip Clubs

We are thrilled that WEP, the Women’s Equality Party, voted through a motion to challenge the strip industry at its party conference this Sunday. We were there along with Charlotte Church, leader of WEP Sheffield who proposed the motion, and spoke eloquently on it as did the party leader, Sophie Walker.

Thank you WEP. We look forward to working with all your branches!

Sheffield – ‘Walk of Shame’

Fans of Peter Stringfellow are lobbying Sheffield City Council to honour this ‘local hero’ in the City’s Walk of Fame. So, of course, we had to start a counter petition! But so far more people have signed theirs (600) than ours (450). Please tell Sheffield ‘No’, sign out petition and ask your friends to too.

Sign Here


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