2 Campaigns in under 2 mins!

Action! Sun 14th 

The world’s largest anti slavery movement, Freedom United, recently hosted a webinar of pro-sex trade speakers calling for pimps to be decriminalised. The Title ‘Taking the Trafficking out of Sex Work’ rather said it all.

Sadly, they are just one of many ‘human rights groups’ who  advocate the ‘rights’ of pimps, not those they abuse.

Please sign this open letter by Nordic Model Now to Freedom United

Takes 30 sec

Deadline  midnight Sun 13th



Action! Weds 17th

Portsmouth are due to rubber stamp (whoops, ‘relicense after careful consideration’) Elegance strip club – nestled between 2 schools and a church, despite a policy that states clubs near schools and churches ‘will normally be refused’ and that there is no location in Portsmouth that is appropriate for a strip club.

Use our pre-filled email to tell the council to shut the club and support the women working there (who are not even entitled to furlough) into safe, alternative work.

Portsmouth will NOT make public your name, address or email.

Takes 1 min

Deadline Weds 17th March


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