20-21 Oct: Conference

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20-21 Oct: Conference

We’re thrilled to be speaking at Filia – a 2 day conference on women’s rights, with speakers from across the globe.

We’re speaking on Sat at 17.45 on Feminist Campaigns.

Join us and other fabulous speakers in Manchester on 20 and 21st Oct !

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Strip Free

Now that the Women’s Equality Party is mandated to challenge the strip industry, we’re thrilled to be meeting with WEP Camden, Islington and Ealing and talking to other branches UK-wide.

If you’re concerned by the industry, whether as an individual or part of a group, drop us a line – it is only by working together that we stand any chance of exposing the reality of strip clubs and calling ‘Times Up’ on this branch of the sex trade.

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Proof Reader Needed!

Do you have a little time to spare to proof read our key publications (check for spelling, grammar and any errors?)

A great way to get in depth info on the issues that concern you too!

Yes? Just drop us a line here:

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