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Take Action

Sheffield City Council is consulting on its entire strip club licensing policy now. Despite repeated requests, the deadline for this consultation has been not extended until after the Council‘s investigation into sex acts at its one current club had been concluded.

It is also consulting on a policy that was chucked out of Court for breaching equality law!

Use our pre-filled email to help make Sheffield strip club free

(nb don’t forget to add your name and address)


Whistle Blowing



When is whistle blowing ‘revenge porn’? When it’s against the strip trade of course!

We go on Victoria Derbyshire and Radio 5 Live to explain the difference. And this is our statement on how the sex trade lobby has tried to hijack the real news.


Thank you to everyone who put in a last minute objection to Ealing’s proposed new strip club, ‘Purrrrlesque’ (yes. witty).

One of the directors apparently has a conviction for council tax evasion (when she was a councillor).

And this club wants to take over Ealing’s former strip club, LA Confidential (with a long history of assault and other issues eventually closed after undercover investigators exposed sexual contact and prostitution. Sounds familiar?).

Anyone else getting the feeling that this industry thinks it is untouchable? (yes. like the Mafia)

The hearing is 21st August. Come if you can and we’ll keep you posted.

Survivors Speak Out



Since the media seems hell bent on ignoring those harmed by the strip industry we have started putting some of the testimonies from survivors onto audio. Listen to Cassy, Mel and Irina here

More Vids

Check out our latest vids here

Strip Clubs – The Real Guide



Five Live

A dozen women march in support of Spearmint Rhino, Sheffield. We debate against the pro-strip trade University Women’s Officer (open about being a survivor of sexual abuse but who is ‘sex positive’ aka advocates abuse porn).



Strip Clubs are Brothels Light

We talk on Talk Radio about how the strip trade, like prostitution, can never be regulated and never be safe.



Sex Work Doesn’t Work

Just days after Sheffield’s Strip Club is exposed as a quasi brothel, there are calls to introduce a Managed’ Prostitution Zone in the City.



Thank you!

A huge thank you to the many people who have supported us recently with generous donations, who have sent in messages of support, who have helped us make all these videos and who have taken action.

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