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Stop Porn 4 Kids


The UK Government is being taken to court for failing to implement Age Verification for Porn even though the legislation for this was introduced years ago.

Please support the legal challenge led by a dad, college student and CEASE UK. Donate to their crowdfunder if you can and spread the word!

BBC Coverage


Sex Shop ‘School Uniform’

Sign the petition to stop sex shops and party shops selling ‘sexy school girl’ uniforms. And as you do remember that 1/3 of school girls are harassed, assaulted and even raped in school and 1/3 are harassed when going to school in their school uniform.

Petition courtesy of North London Radical Feminists


Disabled ‘Right to Buy Sex

A judge has just ruled that a (violent) disabled man has the right to access prostituted women, sourced by his care workers. Otherwise his ‘human right ‘to family life’ (ie sex) is being breached and he is being discriminated against as, unlike his non-disabled counterparts, he can’t access prostituted women without help.

In an unprecedented move, the Secretary of State for Justice is appealing this ruling.

Read the analysis by Nordic Model Now

Porn Promotes Violence

A comprehensive report has restated what countless research studies have exposed for decades: Pornography not only is sexual violence but both normalises it and ‘makes it sexy’, with 1 in 8 titles even on the landing pages of porn sites depicting abuse.

Full Report

CEASE Analysis

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