Sexual Contact at Spearmint Rhino Flagship

Sexual Contact at Flagship Rhino

Independent investigators have now exposed sexual contact is rife at the flagship Spearmint Rhino ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ in Camden – the world’s most regulated strip club.

This is despite 63 CCTV cameras and ‘secret spot checks’ by Council and police always showing the club fully compliant with all licensing conditions. This exposes, yet again, that sexual contact is the norm in the strip trade and raises serious questions as to how the industry is circumventing all regulation.

We were banned from presenting this information at a recent Full Council meeting at which Camden Councillors were asked to approve a new draft policy for Camden’s strip clubs, even though this draft relies heavily on the idea that its strip industry is being ‘very strictly regulated’.

The Council now refuses to withdraw this draft.

Read all about it here:



Take Action by 27 May. You do not need to be local.

Despite the sex acts (and actual sex) exposed at Sheffield’s Spearmint Rhino [Warning: Graphic], Sheffield City Council haven’t revoked its license. In fact they are considering re-licensing it! The Council know that putting in a bit more CCTV isn’t going to stop licensing breaches – they have been informed that the Rhino flagship in London is circumventing every and all regulation.

Object! Use our template letter here. Please adapt with your experiences of the industry.

The licensing hearing is 10AM 11th June, Sheffield Town Hall. Join us if you can.

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