Camden’s ‘Brothel’ Policy



Camden’s ‘Brothel’ Policy

Camden Council is consulting now on its Strip Club Policy under which we have exposed its clubs operating as little short of brothels.

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Investigators exposed £600 ‘dances’, straddling and sexual contact inside and pimps outside Camden’s Spearmint Rhino.

Another Camden club was full of presumed trafficked women offering £200 ‘hand jobs’. Pimps, lined up inside and out, described the lap dancers as ‘the appetiser’ for the ‘after party’ – the brothel where they were put to work.

Yet Camden’s new draft policy for the licensing of its strip clubs is no different from its current one. It presumes its clubs are ‘stringently regulated’ and (unlawfully) ensures a rubber stamping process at the annual licensing hearing for all its clubs, despite also stating that no clubs are appropriate anywhere in the borough.

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