Campaign Sunday Times: Spearmint Rhino Exposed

Spearmint Rhino Exposed

Sheffield City Council has ignored all evidence of the abuse in the strip trade including testimonies from 3 former performers specifically about its Spearmint Rhino strip club. It has even spent £130,000 of tax payers money in failed court cases defending this club. We had no choice but to take drastic measures – we sent in Undercover Investigators.

They found that performers are essentially having to prostitute themselves in order to make any money at all. Punters are buying sexual contact as a matter of course, even in a £20 lap dance. This includes performers masturbating punters, themselves and each other. For a ‘VIP’, men can buy performers to have sex with each other.

Read the full expose´ in today’s Sunday Times (page 11) here:


Take Action

We are calling for Spearmint Rhino Sheffield to be shut down immediately and dancers supported out. We are also calling for the whole industry to be reassessed. A review of the literature shows that the industry is synonymous with exploitation with abuse (including assault, pimping and trafficking) evidenced in at least 50 clubs. That’s approximately 1/3 of the entire UK strip trade.

Take Action! Sign the petition and spread the word:


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As you can imagine, hiring PIs wasn’t cheap! Any donations at any time are most welcome.

Or if you are linked to businesses, philanthropists or others who might like to hold a fundraising event or similar, please just drop us a line: [email protected]


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