CEASE Weds 14 Nov

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CEASE Weds 14 Nov

Don’t forget to join us and a wealth of fabulous speakers at this Wednesday’s CEASE Conference (Campaign to End All Sexual Exploitation). We’ll be talking about the strip industry with Liz, with years of experience of its exploitation, speaking alongside us.

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Liz’s Fundraiser

We’re thrilled to be be giving a ‘shout out’ for Liz (who is joining us at the CEASE Conference) in fundraising for the support group that helped her when exiting the sex trade. She’s been a huge support to us with the campaign, it would be wonderful if we can help give a little back.


Sugar Daddy ‘Escort’ Sites

We seemed to do half a dozen radio interviews in just one day on Sugar Daddy ‘dating’ (sites where wealthy men seek out young women to provide ‘companionship’ in exchange for £1000s being lavished on them). These Harvey Weinstein’s obviously need not be in the slightest bit worried about Times Up or Me Too!


‘Burger Off’

We were thrilled to team up with Sheffield campaigners and tell ‘hard core’ burger outfit, Randy’s Burgers, to ‘Burger Off’. Randy’s menu is stuffed full of references to abuse porn -alongside ‘Harvey Weinstein’, ‘Fake Taxi’ and ‘Casting Couch’ burgers. The appeal of hamburgers to children is really brought home by Randy’s child-like Playboy-style logo and the fact that a young family were eating inside during the protest!


TfL Update

It’s been a bit hard to know quite how to report back on our meeting with TfL business chiefs over the constant presence of sexualised ads on London transport. They did say that they would want to see an end to sex ads in the Metro and ES that they allow to be distributed on London’s transport network. But we are still not sure if they get why sexualised advertising is harmful and anti-equalities – even putting them at risk of a sexual harassment claim by their own staff!

But we are meeting other movers and shakers at Transport for London soon .. watch this space. In the meantime, here’s what we told them:


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