Ch 4 .. for Pimps?



Ch 4 or Pimp TV?

Channel 4 has made an online soft porn ‘documentary’ promoting lap dancing and sex ‘work’. Along the lines of what you might expect from The Daily Sport.

We were not even asked to comment even though this has all come off the back of our exposé of the strip trade. Nor, it appears, was a single woman harmed by the strip/sex trade approached.

View it here, if you can bear.

Complain to Channel 4 here

Complain Here

Less Pimpy BBC

At least BBC coverage has been somewhat less of an ad for the sex trade.

Sadly omitted was the fact that we have tried all other avenues to show Councils what strip clubs really are.

Or the fact that we cannot speak to women in the industry as they are threatening us with legal action.

And, if Councils/Police had done this, instead of us having to do it for them, no one would be talking about ‘invasion of privacy’. They would be talking about exploitation and abuse – which is the real story here.

See it Here

Women Speak Out



Of course, the one set of voices that is not being heard, as usual, are those harmed by the industry.

Hear ‘Mel’s testimony of the reality of working at Spearmint Rhino Sheffield.

If you have been affected by the strip or sex industry in any way and would like to talk about it, please contact us in total confidence at [email protected]


Thank you!

A huge thank you to the many people who have donated in the light of these media pieces and to everyone who has commented too to help counter the misinformation and hate that is being spread. It is appreciated and needed – more than ever!

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