Committee Slams Lap Dancing

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Committee Slams Lap Dancing

The long awaited Women and Equalities Committee report on Sexual Harassment slams strip clubs (see Section 135-142 here).

It calls for strip club licenses to be immediately revoked if evidence of harm found (well, we’ve already got plenty of that!)

The report specifically names the court cases taken against Sheffield City Council over the strip trade that so many of you fundraised for! The barrister who took the council on, Karon Monaghan, QC, is quoted in the report:

We’re also thrilled that the solicitor, Louise Whitfield, who spearheaded legal proceedings against Sheffield has been shortlisted for a prestigious human rights award. Well done Louise!

Strip Sleaze: Open All Hours

Liverpool City Council has just given the go ahead for the UK’s first ’24 hour’ strip club (something even Spearmint Rhino could not pull off, although no doubt it is now champing at the bit to follow suit).

Liverpool has already had several serious incidences at its strip clubs (a woman forced into lap dancing by her boyfriend, a convicted rapist; and a performer attacked outside a club).

Not a single Councillor objected at the committee meeting which ‘OK’ed this 24/7 license. Apparently the only concern was that there should be no large ad boards outside.

Tell Liverpool City Council NO here:

Email Liverpool Council

Strip Sleaze: Rotherham

Despite CCTV evidence of widespread sexual contact (the only way lap dancers can make any money) at Rotherham’s one strip club, the Council is currently considering expanding the industry by allowing 2 clubs in the tiny, rural city.

Given that Rotherham has sadly become almost synonymous with child grooming, it seems extraordinary that the council might expand the sex trade, rather than clamping down on it and getting women out.

Tell Rotherham NO:

Email Rotherham

Strip Freeze: Windmill to Shut

After evidence of widespread sexual contact (which happens in every strip club because that is the only way women in strip clubs can make any money), a Judge has now ruled that the infamous Windmill Theatre must shut.

The Windmill had had its licence revoked by Westminster Council but had appealed this decision in the Magistrates Courts.

The fact that women were having to resort to prostitution was exposed by a feminist group who had to go to the extremes of hiring Private Detectives to go under cover at the club.

Westminster Council can hardly be praised though – it proudly allows a shocking 25 sex establishments (at least 12 of these are strip clubs) in the Soho area. There’s little doubt that similar sexual contact at very least is happening in every single one of them

Want to challenge the other dozen strip clubs in Westminster?

Email Us

14 Nov CEASE Conference

We’re thrilled to be talking about challenging the strip trade, alongside some truly incredible speakers at the inaugural CEASE Conference – Campaign to End All Sexual Exploitation. We’re equally thrilled that Liz, with years of experience of the exploitation of the strip industry, will be speaking along side us.

There is an early bird discount until end of Oct plus a bonus supporter’s code you can use: NOTBUYINGIT10 Don’t forget to quote this when ordering your ticket!

Book Here

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