Complicit Councils

Shameful Sheffield

Many of you already know the extraordinary lengths Sheffield City Council has gone to to keep its Spearmint Rhino strip club open. Here’s the story so far.

In the meantime, there are just a few days left to take action. Tell Sheffield to STOP Licensing its Strip Clubs (200 licensing breaches) and Swingers Clubs (2 rapes) in its new policy. Take action here


Manchester Misogyny

After private investigators exposed significant breaches (grinding on punters’ crotches, prolonged masturbation and women trying to prostitute themselves) at its strip clubs, Manchester City Council has ‘done a Sheffield’. It dubs these breaches as ‘women mostly just sitting on men’s laps’. And its idea for ‘improved regulation’ includes the club paying a “compliance” officer (who, no doubt, will show full compliance) and ‘an area’ where lap dancers can ‘express any concerns’ to the Council (which no doubt will never be meaningfully used).

Read all about it here

Complain to the Council here

Complicit Camden

The corruption of local democracy, safeguarding and equality is just as breath taking in Camden. The 90% + of respondents to its consult on its new strip club policy, who called for an end to the industry were totally ignored. Evidence of rule breaches and criminality were deemed irrelevant. The Council could find no issues of concern when it came to equality. And safeguarding now entails strip clubs being fully in charge of ‘dancer welfare’ and a ‘performers’ forum’ (where the total denial of harm will become even more entrenched). But, good news, the council has made sure that lap dancers can get water without having to ask.

Read all about it Here

Complain to The Council Here

On Benefits? Take Legal Action!

If you are on benefits and live near a strip club or have been effected by pornography you could take your Council or even the Government to court for free on legal aid.

Contact us to find out more: [email protected]

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