Data Breach

Data Breach

We are very sorry to report that Sheffield City Council has openly emailed everyone who objected to, and supported, the relicensing of Spearmint Rhino Sheffield, rather than BCCing everyone. We (and many others) are chasing this up with the Council who could face heavy fines for such a data breach.

We have asked the council to immediately recall this email and ask everyone who was sent it to delete it. But this has not been actioned and is, of course, shutting the stable door well after the donkey has bolted.

We would like to hope that everyone who received this information treats it with respect but if you are deeply concerned, the only sure fire way to protect yourself would be to create a new email for yourself.

We are very sorry about this. No one should have been put at risk in this way.

Fortunately all lap dancers who blew the whistle on the club sent in their objections via Not Buying It.

From now on we will try to ensure all councils allow people send in objections via us to preserve their anonymity in case of a similar data breach. We will also urge councils to adopt an anonymised online form for collecting objections, so they never have direct access to anyones email.

Please contact us if you concerned about this, or know anyone else who might be, and want to talk about it here: [email protected]


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