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Sat 4 July


Join us and a host of experts for a discussion on technology, robots and our possible future ‘brave new world’ of sexual exploitation

Sat 4 July

9 – 2.30

Find out more and join the webinar here

Mon 6 July

Age Verification?

Why was age verification to protect kids form online porn dumped? Did you even know? And what can be done about it?

Hear from leading child protection, legal and women’s rights experts

Mon 6 July


Find out more and join the webinar here

Thurs 9 July

Webinar from inspirational speakers on the Nordic Model* and the false arguments used to discredit it

More info and sign up here

* The Nordic Model treats pimps, brothel keepers and Johns as criminals NOT the women they use and abuse. Instead it helps prostituted women and men out of the sex trade

Fri July 10th

On this day, Israel becomes the latest nation to introduce the ‘Nordic Model’*. Closer to home, France and Ireland already have and Scotland is about to. England, it appears, is now surrounded by more enlightened nations.

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