Happy New Year

.. Happy New Year ..

Well it’s been quite a year. Sheffield’s Spearmint Rhino finally shut after years of campaigning by local groups (and us) – including two High Court cases, former workers bravely whistleblowing and hard evidence of extreme sexual contact.

And we defeated the Spearmint Rhino chain when it launched legal proceedings against us for exposing what really went on its clubs.

At the same time, the strip industry appears to have an inexplicable stranglehold on councils from Bristol to Camden, Halifax .. and Sheffield who keep on licensing their clubs – even after 15 years of campaigning by residents (Bristol), an encyclopaedic-like list of incidences (Camden) and strip club operators who are clearly unfit (Halifax.. oh and Camden again) … Even Sheffield never actually refused Spearmint Rhino a license (Rhino just gave up applying).

Clearly the legislation on strip club licensing brought in 10 years ago to ‘give local people more say’ is working well!

But we can offer support to anyone who wants to take action against their local strip industry, which will become even more abusive post Covid: desperate women feeling they have no other options, strip clubs and the local brothels they feed working hard to claw back profits and punters hell bent on catching up on the ‘fun’ they’ve been missing out on.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us, we could not do this without you – whether by taking action, donating or simply words of encouragement.

Thank you

Support a Survivor

We’ve been approached by an outspoken Australian survivor of the sex trade Ally-Marie Diamond for help. She needs to raise money for urgent medical treatment for her son, not covered by the state or her insurance. She is scared she might have to return to the sex industry in order to find the money. If you can donate to her crowdfunder, please chip in here and a huge thank you if you can !

Donate Here
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