Help us go to Court

Help us go to Court

Are you on Benefits? You could help us take a legal challenge, at no cost, against Strip Clubs, Page 3, Newspaper Sex Ads and the total lack of regulation of online P0rn.

Legal avenues might be the only way to end this increasingly violent ‘P0rn Culture’.

Please spread this message widely and contact us for more info:


Abuse Exposed in 20% Strip Trade

Our latest report shows abuse is endemic to the strip industry. Sexual contact, harassment, coercion and intimidation are standard but also widespread is assault, prostitution, trafficking, credit card fraud and even spiking customers’ drinks. We have found over 50 reports from more than 3 dozen clubs across the country. This represents at least 20% of the UK strip industry.

Yet whenever this endemic abuse is raised at a strip club’s annual licensing hearing we are told this is not relevant and the Council rubber stamps the club’s license for yet another year.


Strip Sleaze Camden

We’ve now had the dubious pleasure of attending licensing hearings for 4 of Camden’s 7 strip clubs along with WEP Camden and local residents. Despite having a policy for zero clubs with years of pimping outside many of them, Camden just keeps on relicensing them.

The Standard and Camden New Journal covered the licensing ‘hearing’ for the flagship Spearmint Rhino (a chain with a long history of prostitution and pimping). At least the Council seems able to appreciate the harm of mildly sexist tweets or calling a troupe of black male strippers ‘The Chocolate Men’.

And then there’s the family run strip pub, The Griffin, dubbed ‘London’s seediest strip pub’. The Council actually told us they were pleased it has signs in the toilet saying ‘no masturbation’. Here men pay just a £1 to see women’s genitals over a pub lunch before heading back to the office past the local nursery.

Oh and let’s not forget Parker’s – which the owner says usually has just 10 customers and ‘sterile’ dancing on a stage ‘like Go Go Girls’. 5 damning Trip Advisor reviews expose illegal touting, drugs, prostitution, possible credit card fraud and punters being forced to pay in order to leave the venue. Apparently not reason enough to stop the club from being relicensed.

Strip Sleaze Bristol

And Bristol has yet again relicensed its 2 strip clubs. Local media headlined ‘the feminist strippers’ who work at the club which is ‘like family’. As per normal, Council ‘rules’ say lap dancers can get as close as possible to punters ‘without actual contact’ (presumably that would then constitute prostitution).

Even Janet Street Porter seemed to wade in, with ‘if you don’t like it, don’t go’ or go into the City Centre where these clubs hold pride of place.

Days later, the Council’s review of its entire strip club licensing policy (a 2 year process) was thrown out because it hadn’t consulted properly with human rights organisations, victim support groups or the police.

On the Radio

And here we are on BBC 5 Live explaining what really happens in a strip club and why women might be choosing it. And here are the feminist strippers saying they are no more harassed than a shop assistant and calling us sexually repressed, hysterical, sex work haters (hang on, we thought lap dancing wasn’t prostitution) and then wondering why we aren’t work with them.

Lib Dems

We recently asked you to contact the Scottish Lib Dems to support a ground breaking motion to criminalise pimps and punters – reversing current party policy which sees pimps as business men and sex trafficking as consensual.

The outcome? The motion wasn’t voted through but a staggering 1/3 of delegates supported it! The issue was also heavily featured in the media – more even than the leaders’ speeches or the party’s key ‘vote winner’ – Brexit.

Thank you to everyone who lobbied and spread the word on this.

Coverage of the Debate

Huge congratulations to Dr Jacci Stoyle, Diane Martin and others who fought for – and spoke so eloquently and powerfully on – this motion. See it here:


Evening Express

The Times

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