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PIs ‘Expose Prostitution’ at Spearmint Rhino March 2019

‘Escort’ Councillor decides Strip Club Policy 

Legal Challenge to Strip Clubs March 2018 

Spearmint Rhino Sting

Undercover Investigators Expose ‘Prostitution’

BBC News

Sunday Times

Filia Podcast

BBC Radio Sheffield

Sheffield Star: Councillors ‘too offended’ to hear what was exposed

Sheffield Telegraph: Why we want Sheffield to be Strip Free


Sheffield Say NO to Stringfellow

Sheffield Star

Times Up for Strip Clubs

The growing campaign to expose strip clubs and end this branch of the sex trade.

​​​​Sky News  [Sammy Woodhouse & Not Buying It]

​Legal Challenge – Success!

News on the successful legal challenge against pro strip club licensing policy

BBC [at 1:24]
Sheffield Star
Sheffield News
Parliamentary Select Committee [Strip Clubs and Sexual Harassment]

More About the Legal Challenge


Sheffield Star
BBC News
BBC Look North [Zero Option & Sammy Woodhouse]
Sheffield News
Sheffield Star
BBC Look North [lawyer Louise Whitfield, DPG]
JUS News
Sheffield Star [Zero Option & Sammy Woodhouse] 

Spearmint Rhino Re-licensed

The Tab
Unheard: Overarching analysis by Julie Bindel
Sheffield Star
Medium: Left wing students ‘sell out’ to capitalism