Last Chance Action

Last Chance Action

Monday is the last chance to tell Camden Council NO to strip clubs, especially after we exposed sexual contact at one club and another operating as a front for a brothel, on top of exhaustive evidence of exploitation at all its clubs.

Thank to everyone who has already emailed in. If you haven’t already, drop them a line with our simple pre-filled email. Please add your own concerns and experiences of the strip industry (perhaps you have worked in clubs or been harassed outside them?):


Email Not Working?

If you are having problems with our pre-filed email (sorry!), just copy and paste the text below and send to : [email protected]

Dear Licensing

re SEV Policy Consultation

1.Ensure a policy for ZERO strip clubs in Camden on the basis of locality.

2.STOP treating pre-existing clubs differently from new applicants. This is UNLAWFUL and means existing clubs have had their licenses rubber stamped every year.

3.It is shocking that this policy is based on ‘regulating clubs’ when Not Buying It has exposed this is failing. Sexual contact, £600 ‘dances’, offers of prostitution, pimps are rife at Spearmint Rhino Camden. £200 ‘hand jobs’ are on offer at another club, full of presumed trafficked women, pimps lined up to take men to the local brothel where these women are put to work. This is happening despite extensive CCTV coverage (63 cameras in Spearmint Rhino) and consistently ‘clean’ Council spot checks. It is obvious that the industry cannot be regulated.

4.If you do not shut all your clubs you are breaching equality law and laws against brothel keeping/ inciting prostitution and pimping – in the clubs and the brothels they feed AND other criminality – fraud, tax evasion, gangs, drugs, money laundering.

5.Ensure quality Exit Support for every lap dancer when a club is shut.

6.Ensure compulsory and regular training of all councils and staff by those harmed by the strip trade and their advocates on the reality/harm of the strip industry, the inability to regulate it and on SEV and Equality Legislation. This cannot be carried out by those in the industry or in support of it as this results in extreme levels of misinformation and has helped contribute to the ‘whitewashing’ of this industry.

7.WHY is this policy being consulted on when Council investigation into widespread licensing breaches and criminal activity at its clubs has not been concluded or its findings publicised? This policy should be withdrawn and rewritten in light of this.

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