Lib Dem Protest

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Lib Dem Protest

Our protest against Lib Dem pro-prostitution, pro-porn policies caused quite a stir. We took over the entire frontage of the conference hall with our ‘redesigned’ banners and leaflets. With 100s, possibly 1,000s of passers by doing ‘double takes’, many stopping to find out more.

Find out about their policies here

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In the Mail

The campaign – along with our backsides! – was featured in the Daily Mail

‘We’re Gonna Sue’!

We did have some interesting conversations with delegates though. We were:

  • Threatened with being sued for using the Lib Dem Logo *
  • Told it is reasonable to listen to Pimps
  • Told these weren’t their policies (repeatedly)
  • Told we had mis-represented their policies (repeatedly)
  • Told to join the party if we wanted to change them
  • Told we were really Labour infiltators
  • Asked if we’d be protesting against Labour policies
  • Told ‘I’d rather be a pimp than a bigot’ (?)(our T shirts are red, the Labour party colour – clearly very confusing)

* Actually, it was The Lib Dems who brought in legislation which made it legal to use material in parody without it breaching copyright law

Messages of Support

While the Lib Dems threaten to sue, MPs who lead in the fight for equality – Sarah Champion and Gavin Shuker, on the Women’s and Equality Committee – send in messages of support.

Lib Dems – Listen to Us

There were half a dozen women’s groups protesting with us against Lib Dem Policies – from their advocacy of porn and prostitution, gender ‘self identification’ and unfair introduction of equalising the state pension age between men and women.

Lib Dems – Listen to us

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