Make Rotherham Strip Free

Make Rotherham Strip Free

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Make Rotherham Strip Free

Rotherham, despite its reputation as a centre for child sexual exploitation, has 1 sex shop and 1 strip club (still allowed to operate despite the usual sexual contact having yet again been exposed). But it is consulting now on its policy for all sex venues.

Help make Rotherham Strip Free!

You do not have to be from Rotherham to fill in the consultation form & it only takes a few minutes:


Notes on Filling in the Form:

  • Tick ‘very strongly’ in ever box.
  • Under ‘Regulating’ strip clubs tell them regulation is meaningless because the only way performers make any money is by providing sexual contact or more. This is what punters and management expect. In addition: CCTV has countless blind spots (often pointed out to dancers); security guards are paid to turn a blind eye or are often the harassers and abusers themselves – both of women in clubs and outside.
  • ‘Additional Comments’ ask them to adopt a policy for NO strip clubs; to close down the one existing club and to provide exit support for the young women that have been abused in it – abuse the Council is directly responsible for by allowing the club to open and continue operating even after it was exposed.

Please also talk about your experiences of the industry (e.g. have you been harassed outside clubs)?


The ‘Escort Councillor’

And, in more news from Yorkshire, it has been exposed that a Sheffield Councillor who decides strip club policy is linked to an ESCORT Agency! The Council has now removed him from the relevant licensing committee, whilst insisting ‘there is no evidence of wrong doing’.

Some of Sheffield’s other outstanding elected representatives includes a Councillor reprimanded for hurling social media abuse against strip club objectors and a Councillor who sent ‘Page 3’ shots to a group of mums. No wonder local residents struggle to stop this Council licensing a strip club with private booths and no CCTV in the cultural hub of the city.


Thank you

As always a big thank you to everyone for all your help and support – with an extra special shout out to Fiona and Rebecca!

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