Manchester Strip Trade Exposed



Manchester Strip Trade Exposed

Undercover Investigators have uncovered sexual contact as standard at Manchester strip clubs. Visits to 2 of the city’s 5 clubs shows that men are ‘buying foreplay’ even in a standard £20 ‘dance’. The carpet reeked of damp in one of these ‘Gentlemen clubs’. In another, a clearly drugged/intoxicated young woman was trying to prostitute herself.

Both clubs had previously applied to allow ‘full contact’ between punters and performers – disallowed under legislation as amounting to little more than a licensed brothel.

The city has already seen drunken brawls and a murder outside its strip clubs, only one of which has ever been closed. A ‘sauna’ has opened next to yet another of its clubs.


Take Action

This expose´ comes hot on the heels of a similar sting at Sheffield’s Spearmint Rhino. Here men can actually buy women to have sex with each other in a VIP ‘dance’.

Sexual contact, harassment, assaults and more have already been recorded in over 50 strip clubs – 1/3 of the UK strip trade. The industry is clearly synonymous with abuse, a feeder for prostitution and other organised crime and simply cannot be regulated.

Sign our petition – and spread the word. Call for an end to this branch of the sex trade:


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