New Year, New Campaigns

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Happy New Year!

2018 was the year that saw the strip trade in the docks and Ann Summers dump Pornhub. A huge thank you to everyone who supported these campaigns, this is what you were a part of:

Annual Report

New Year, New Sexism .. Sadly, there’s plenty of campaigns already to get yer teeth into ..

Stop Selling Sexism

Spot the Difference? Why are ads that clearly sexualise young women pre-approved and complaints ignored but ads that even remotely objectify men are pre-banned, never to be seen on London’s transport network?

We have already met with TfL, Transport for London, this is what we told them, and have more meetings planned.

But it wouldn’t hurt to drop them a line too:


And Just Stop

Voisins department store in Jersey proudly declares itself the oldest family-run store in Britain. It is using this to advertise its beauty department. Bizarrely, in-store promotions are not covered by advertising regulator, the ASA, so you need to tell Voisins themselves exactly what you think of its ‘family values’. Thank you to The Heroine Collective for bringing this little bit of nastiness to our attention


Misogyny & Sexism

M&S is still selling ‘Porn Star’ Martinis – glamourising and promoting porn – the filmed sexual abuse of women. We asked them to rebrand the drink – like many bars and other outlets already have. The response? ‘Everyone else sells it’, ‘it sells well’, oh but ‘we’re really, really ethical’.

Thank you to everyone who has complained since they introduced the drink. If you haven’t or have tried with their online form (where, of course, you cannot use the word ‘porn’!) give this email address a go:


And in Other News

The tail end of 2018 showed a shocking rise of paedophile sites on social media (or MAPs for ‘Minor Attracted Persons’). And throughout the year, women were routinely banned for speaking out against misogyny (including against these paedo accounts). Ironically, social media’s ‘Weinstein’ culture was highlighted in a survey by Amnesty International (yep that great advocate of women’s rights which thinks pimps are ‘business men’ and used the image above to show solidarity with female refugees). Thankfully twitter share prices are tumbling as a result of Amnesty’s report. But comprehensive internet regulation is long overdue.

And, in good news, both Israel and Spain are to criminalise pimps and punters whilst helping women out of the sex trade. Israel is also considering banning lap dancing as de facto prostitution. Even Amsterdam is rethinking its Red Light District under its first female Mayor in 500 years (the industry was already greatly shrunk years ago as a ‘failed social experiment’).

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