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Rhino News

Our legal victory against Rhino in the press:

Sheffield Live: Our CEO explains what this court case was really about

Filia Blog: As above but in writing!

BBC: rather poor coverage

Legal Analysis: Our barrister explains the case

Sex Object Culture

Rachel Bell, of our Management Committee, talks objectifcation with anti-gangs campaigner, Kendra Houseman (aka ‘Blondy’)

Our CEO, Dr Sasha Rakoff, and others speak at the ‘No Sex Robots’ webinar

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

aka The News ..

Selfridges:1 Strip Trade:0

Selfridges took on the strip trade and won (using a barrister who usually represents the industry). It made sure the council did not allow a strip joint to set up opposite its London flagship.

Send Selfridges a message of support @Selfridges

Westminster, deserves less praise. It has a policy for 25 sex venues (which includes a dozen strip clubs) which doesn’t even reference equality law.

If shops are challenging strip clubs, why aren’t local universities (particularly as their students make up to 1/3 of lap dancers)?

Take Action

If you live/work in Westminster (or anywhere else near a strip club)

If you are linked to a university (anywhere) and want to take action

[email protected]


Heinz and Unilever distance themselves from Pornhub after major advertising campaigns on the site.

Sign the petition against Pornhub (now at 2 million signatures!)

Leeds – for Pimps

Local people have been running a series of protests against the disastrous prostitution ‘managed’ zone in Leeds.

This comes after a second review of the zone calls it a ‘success’ (just likes its first, which was widely criticised). This is despite rapes, attempted murders, endless assaults and harassment of local residents, their children and prostituted women alike.

Holland – Pimps Out?

There are renewed calls by MPs to end the notorious ‘red light’ districts of Holland – declared a ‘failed social experience’ by Amsterdams’s mayor a decade ago.

.. watch this space

German Mega Brothel Shuts

Covid means Germany’s notorious mega brothel, The Pascha, a hub of trafficking and human misery, is to shut. But, in a county that treats prostitution as ‘just work’ what support will be given to the traumatised, drug addicted women who barely survived there?

Find out more about the appalling situation in Germany by sex trade survivor, Elly Arrow here and here

UN Appoints Advocate of Teen Prostitution

Branches of the UN (UN Aids and UN Women) have long been colonised by the pimp lobby. The UN has now hired an advocate of teen prostitution (which she also promoted in Teen Vogue) as an expert advisor on health and human rights

Porn ‘Star’ Charged

The true face of porn is exposed yet again with international porn ‘star’, Ron Jeremy, facing charges of multiple rapes, battery and assaults.

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