Poundland – Stop!

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Poundland – Stop!

These delightful products are on sale in Poundland: ‘Booby’ and ‘Booty’ marshmallows – with sexual images urging people to grab and squeeze – and in the Children’s Section. Presumably Poundland hasn’t heard of Harvey Weinstein (or the fact that 1 in 3 women are grabbed against their will. It’s called assault).

It is notable that there are no similar products of men’s testicles urging shoppers to grope or cop-a-feel!

When you complain, Poundland directs you to an article that tells people to ‘look away if they are offended’ and brags about their sponsoring no fewer than 3 children’s charities. The campaign has been in the press, including the Sun (but we’re not linking to that since it has real ‘booby’ and ‘booty’ alongside the article!).

Take action, tell Poundland what you think:


Kid’s Stuff ?

These are the kid’s charities Poundland supports, in case you feel like giving them a buzz too: Whizz Kids, Tommy’s, Make A Wish. After all, is this really how they want to be funded?

Thanks to the awesome Gemma Aitchison, of Yes Matters for alerting us to these products


Well done to everyone who complained about this ad in Voisin’s Dept store – apparently it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. They have now removed it – after nearly 2 years! It was part of a series of ‘humorous’ ads across their store. They are now reviewing all their marketing. Of course, we offered to help! Their humour malfunction even made it into the press:

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