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Why Protesters are saying ‘Burger Off’  Nov 2018

Anti-Pimp Protest at Lib Dem Conference  Sep 2018

Legal Challenge vs Strip Clubs   March 2018

Ann Summers – Dump Pornhub!   Feb 2018

OK’ to Peddle Prostitution to Kids says ASA   Sep 2016

ASA to consider ‘Class Action’ to End Newspaper Sex Ads   Mar 2016

Caroline Lucas tells MPs: Stop Newspaper Porn   Apr 2016


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New Stateman: Ann Summers Dump Pornhub Feb 2018

Londonist: ‘DIY’ Porn with a BDSM pornographer  Feb 2018

Wales Arts Review: MPs Receive Porn, or is it a Newspaper?  May 2016

Huffington Post: Porn & Sex Ads in Newspapers – We’re Not Buying It!   Mar 2016



BBC Radio Coventry : Sugar Daddies, just Posh Prostitution  Nov 2018

BBC Radio 5 Live: Sugar Daddies a pool of ‘Harvey Weinsteins’ Nov 2018

BBC Tees [at 13 min] : ‘Walk on Dart Girls’ Jan 2018

BBC Five Live [at 1.25]: ASA to End Gender Stereotyping Ads July 2017

Sky News : ASA To End Gender Stereotyping in Advertising July 2017