# Pretty Sexist Thing

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# Pretty Sexist Thing

We’ve landed a meeting with London Transport chiefs, because of ads on the tube like this.

TfL has its own strict codes against harmful, stereotyping ads. Yet when we complained about this ad (which manages to be racist as well as sexist) we were told ‘it abides with our codes’ and ‘go complain to the ASA’.

Help our meeting with TfL. Show them the strength of concern. Complain about this ad!

Complain Here

Did You Know ..

  • TfL is legally required to seek to create an environment that does not foster harassment, discrimination and victimisation.
  • TfL introduced new and improved codes because of complaints over the much hated and much parodied ‘Beach Body Ready’ Ads
  • TfL codes state that Ads must :

– ‘Not depict adults in a sexual manner’

– ‘Not cause offence’

– ‘Not cause offence by way of implication’

– ‘Not promote poor body image’

And There’s More..

  • Mayor Sadiq declares himself A Proud Feminist
  • Mayor tells men to stop viewing porn on the tube and buses
  • Mayor pledges record £44mil to tackle violence against women and Challenge Sexist and Misogynistic Attitudes
  • TfL launches massive advertising campaign to encourage women to Report Harassment on London transport (perhaps we should report being harassed by the ads they allow up!)

Funding Help

Despite all the success, it is always a struggle to secure funds to continue our work.

Can you help? Do you know about fundraising? Are you are linked to any philanthropist groups? Know how to increase a social media presence?

Yes? Then do drop us a line!

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