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The Press

​The Sport Warning Offensive: This is a Newspaper

​Kids Read Papers: The Stats [Warning some offensive imagery]

​Pictogram: Who Runs The Press? Richard Desmond

Editors’ Code of Practice Committee: Consultation Response 2017 [Warning some offensive imagery]

IMPRESS Background Info

IMPRESS Summary: Consultation Response 2017 [Warning some offensive imagery]

​Why Press Objectification Must End: Research, Human Rights, Government Policy 2017 [Warning some offensive imagery]

Just The Women: Report on Press Portrayal and Recommendations to Leveson [EVAW et al]



​​Response to Mayor’s Consultation on a ‘Diverse & Inclusive City’ [2017]

​​Joining Up The Dots (Object)

​​’The Sexualisation of Young People’ Home Office Review (Papadopoulos)

​​Human Rights Conventions against Objectification

Leading Human Right Barrister points out incompatibility of strip clubs with ending harassment

‘But Men are Objectified Too’