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Take Action

In the midst of the pandemic Spearmint Rhino Sheffield is applying to renew its license (perhaps they’re proposing lap dances in full PPE?). Earlier this year the council reported the club was STILL breaching conditions – after 200 breaches of wall-to-wall sexual contact were found in 2019.

We are calling on this council, and all others, to adopt a ‘prevent and exit’ approach – urgently shut down the totally unviable strip and sex trade now and support all women out.

Take action in Sheffield below (you do not need to be local).

[If you want to take action with any other council email us here]



Thank you to the dozens of supporters who copied us in to their email to the Home Office in support of Sarah Champion, MP’s, call for exiting funding for those in the now totally non-viable sex trade.

You added your voice to those of many NGOs, front line providers, survivors and many others. And it was fantastic to hear the Government recently announce an extra £76 million to support victims of sexual violence and modern day slavery!

Read more here

Watch this space for more news and actions

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