Rhino Defeated!

Rhino Defeated!

For over a year Spearmint Rhino has been pursuing us in court for exposing rampant sexual contact at its clubs. They have now rescinded their action against us, paid us substantial legal costs, written off a previous undertaking we’d made and can never pursue us again on this issue.

And all this without any confidentiality clause so this is all in the public domain.

Rhino had even gotten their own lap dancers to ‘front’ the campaign (half of whom they’d fired), despite a clear conflict of interest.

They’d also tried to hold our CEO personally accountable (for potentially £100,000s in legal costs) in a clear act of intimidation.

A sex industry giant taking on a tiny, unfunded NGO has been a real David and Goliath of a legal case. We are deeply grateful to our incredible pro bono legal team.

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