#Sarah Everard

#Sarah Everard

The horrific murder of Sarah Everard has led to renewed calls to urgently address the underlying attitudes that lead to men’s abuse of women.

In light of this, the Government is re-opening its consultation on its Violence Against Women and Girls strategy.

Even if you have already responded, take this opportunity to tell them again to recognise pornography and all forms of the sex industry as directly feeding the attitudes that lead to discrimination, harassment, abuse and assault – not only for women in the sex trade but for all women and girls.

If you have experienced the harm of the porn and sex industries, it is particularly important that your voice is heard:


Takes 30 sec

Deadline Fri 26th March (11.45 pm)

# Times up in Bristol?

Radio 5 Live

Bristol’s proposal to end the high street presence of strip clubs (with their fare share of incidences/concerns) has received renewed media attention in light of the murder of Sarah Everard and the demands to finally end the attitudes of sexual entitlement, male superiority, the dehumanisation & objectification of women that ultimately lead to such violence.


LBC Radio (from 02.03.30)

Radio 5 Live

BBC Politics West

The Times

[Feel free to leave any comments in the relevant sections, especially if you have experienced the harm of this industry]

The proposal will go out for consultation soon – watch this space

Take Action

  • Want help to challenge a strip club in your local area?
  • On benefits? You can take your council to court – we’ve assisted with this before, contact us for a chat!
  • Have expertise in relevant legislation or in any other area that looks like it might be useful?
  • Are you a journalist who wants to expose this industry for what it really is?
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