Sheffield Shocker

Sheffield Shocker

Sheffield City Council has now given the Determination Notice’ over its decision to relicense its Spearmint Rhino strip club, 2 weeks ago despite over 200 breaches. This Notice sets out why the Council relicensed the club and how it is going to stop these breaches from ever, ever happening again.

In this Notice, the Council appears to believe the club’s location, on University campus, close to centres for vulnerable people including children, is entirely appropriate; that objectification is actually pro-equalities if a woman choses it and that the testimony of those who say they feel ‘safer’ because of the club is of equal consideration as those who report such fear of harassment that they have to stop using the surrounding area altogether.

As for improved regulation, the only measure it seems to have introduced is more CCTV. Oh but this will be checked more often. This is despite 100s of written objections explaining how utterly meaningless this is, given that Spearmint Rhino Camden has 63 CCTV cameras that are checked regularly, yet when undercover investigators visited here they again found sexual contact as standard, women giving out their phone numbers and pimps outside.

Take Action

The best way to take action is to respond to the Council’s consultation on its Sexual ‘Entertainment’ Venues. This includes its Spearmint Rhino strip club with 200 breaches and its La Chambre ‘Swingers Club’, with an ‘orgy viewing gallery’ where they have now been 2 reported rapes (including one conviction for rape).

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While You Were Sleeping

Meet Councillor Bainbridge. He was one of just 3 Sheffield Councillors tasked with deciding whether or not to relicense a strip club with 200 breaches. He slept, soundly, the entire time those who objected stated their case. In between naps he looked away in clear annoyance, perhaps because he had been inconveniently woken up. By contrast, when people spoke in support of the club (for as long, if not longer) nap time was over. Coun Bainbridge was wide awake, leaning in and hanging attentively on every word.

You can complain to the council about this, but given that they recently leaked the email addresses of 700 people, that might give pause. Convenient for some, some might say.

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