Spearmint Rhino – The Beginning of…

Spearmint Rhino

Thank you to everyone who objected to the notorious Spearmint Rhino, Sheffield. The council has now deferred considering its license for this year until court proceedings against its licensing of the club last year are completed. In these, the council was accused of breaching equality law, of not properly considering mass breaches at the club and not addressing the apparent multiple lies the club told the council.

If this High Court case is successful, last year’s license will be revoked – ending the apparent ‘untouchable’ status this strip chain (like many others) seems to enjoy.

This will also be the first time a High Court case against the council on this issue is truly meaningful. Two successful High Court cases have already been taken. However, the council always gave the club its license for the next year before the court hearings for the previous year – making it impossible to ever revoke a license as it had already been superseded by the next year’s license. Yep, clear as mud, but suffice it to say this, most conveniently, hugely favoured this sex industry giant.

Even though it is still applying for a sexual ‘entertainment’ license, Spearmint Rhino has now put its venue up for sale. Could the Rhino be going extinct in Sheffield?

Take Action Locally

If you want to challenge a strip club near you, contact us, we can help.

If you are on benefits and are affected by a strip club, we can help you take your council to court (for free) – seemingly the only way to get councils to (eventually) stand up to these sex industry giants. Drop us a line here

Councils in Action

Thank you to everyone who objected to notorious strip chain, La Salsa in Halifax. Sadly, yet predictably, Calderdale Council relicensed it.

You can see the Council deliberating it here (from approx 8.00) sadly with many errors in law and much manoeuvering to justify relicensing.

But many people who objected (including those with experience of the strip trade) have told us that they never even received information about the licensing hearing and so were unable to participate.

If this is you, contact us or Calderdale Council (and let us know what they say)


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